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Smarta at the Stadium. Smarta and her magic bag. A funny cartoon.

Smarta and Spotty should get to the stadium as fast as they can to return the football to the competing teams. Smarta and Spotty enjoy their free time outside as they watch their friends Bob and Rob happily playing soccer on the kids' playground. But what's an extra ball doing here? Someone might have lost it, so we've got to return it! First we should decide what kind of a ball it is. Is it a basketball, a volleyball or a football? Let's learn more about various sports. This ball is used to play soccer. It must have come from the stadium, so let's learn how to get there and take the ball back! Navigator Hey is always ready to help us. According to him, to get to the stadium we should reach the tram stop, take tram number 7, travel until we are at the stadium stop, and then get off the tram. Did you memorize the route? Then let's go together with Smarta and Spotty and return the ball back to the players!